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Self Assessment Tax Returns


Making it easy!

If you are a sole trader, in a partnership or receive rental income, you will be required by HMRC to complete a personal tax return. In addition returns are also required from higher rate tax payers and Company Directors.

Completing and filing a tax return is often dreaded and seen as a burden. Send the return in late or even incorrectly and it can be very costly.

We can take the stress and worry out of this task by gathering all the information that we require quickly and efficiently. The returns are prepared on your behalf, approved by yourself and then we file online with HMRC.


HMRC enquiries are better targeted and are being undertaken with an unprecedented level of detail and persistence.

The cost of defending yourself professionally is potentially huge; enquiries are taking longer and the defence costs are increasing. Even when the outcome of the enquiry results in no adjustments to your tax position, the cost of the defence can be just as costly.

The Solution

We provide a valuable Tax investigations service which enables us to defend you in the unfortunate case that you are selected for an enquiry without worrying about the cost. We are confident that the service delivers comprehensive protection against any potential fees arising from professional representation in the event of an HMRC enquiry.

“As a long standing customer of many years, we have received a service that has gone above and beyond anything that could be provided by any other firm.

Lisa and her team will strive to ensure your finances, accounts and tax are dealt with efficiently, proactively and with that personal touch. We cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Josh & Kim Harris

Harris Surfacing Ltd